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Irish Fiddle Holidays
for Adults

Gill Newlyn playing fiddle on the beach

Fiddle courses for Beginners and Improvers


This 'thank you' note from Iris, age 25, a complete beginner from Maine, USA, perfectly illustrates what Kerry Fiddles aim to provide.


Even if you have never played any musical instrument before, by the end of    the week youíll be playing your first tune on the fiddle. Morning classes are a hoot, thereís no music theory, no pressure and no rush. Afternoons are free to explore the most beautiful part of Ireland.


For improvers itís a chance to devote a week to your music, to getting new tunes, improving technique and learning how to teach yourself.

If your playing is of an appropriate standard we will also organise, as part of your course, to have lessons with a couple of local fiddle players who will teach you some tunes with a Kerry flavour.

We do our best learning when weíre relaxed, so donít expect a studious music course. Though we aim to motivate, lay solid foundations and teach effective practice, our main concern is that you have fun while you are here and leave feeling confident and capable of developing further on your own.


The Music Room at Kerry Fiddles

Morning classes are held at our house, in a spacious music room with great acoustics and mountain views. Though it feels spectacularly remote, we are only 4 miles from Kenmare.

                  Derrynane Beach, County Kerry

Afternoons are free for you to do what you want.  There are loads of ideas on our 'Free Time' page and all are within easy driving distance of Kenmare

Crowley's Session - music holiday


There are lots of evening sessions in the many bars in and around Kenmare and regular concerts by top players at Kenmare's Carnegie Hall.


Over the last ten years we have hundreds of students from every continent, yes, even Antarctica! Many are happy to share e-mail addresses and quite a few get together to play tunes they learned here in Kenmare.

If you would like to be plugged in to the Kerry Fiddles network let us know where you are and we'll see what we can do.


Gill's fiddle style is probably closest to her teachers, Kevin Burke (Sligo) and Martin Hayes (East Clare), so If you are an advanced player and would like to learn the Kerry/Sliabh Luacra style please let us know and we can arrange for you to have lessons with some fabulous local players.


Any of you familiar with Bristol Fiddles will know about our Weekend Workshops with Kevin Burke, Tommy Peoples, Brendan McGlinchey, Paul O'Shaughnessy, Ciaran Boyle, Pete Challoner, Des Hurley, Bernard and Gerard KilBride, Joe Scurfield and Henry Sears.

We're planning to put similar workshops on in Kenmare. Send us your e-mail address if you'd like advance notice.



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"If you tap your feet at the same time as playing it can be classed as exercise."

Fiddler © Lee Tiller

" You become desirable and seem interesting."

Fiddler © Lee Tiller

" You have legal access to a long sharp pointy thing."

Fiddler © Lee Tiller

" You're almost always guaranteed a seat in a crowded pub."


Fiddler © Lee Tiller

"You get to show off and entertain at the same time."

Fiddler © Lee Tiller

"You get bought drinks by people who want nothing more, than for you to carry on doing what you wanted to do in the first place."

Fiddler © Lee Tiller

"If there is a fight in the bar you hardly ever get hit."

Fiddler © Lee Tiller

"When playing festivals you get to wear an `Artists' badge and use the clean toilets."

    (a million good reasons to learn the Irish Fiddle - from 'The Irish Session - a survival guide'
by Gill Newlyn)



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