Kerry Fiddles Natural Skelligs sunset - image by Lee Tiller

Improvers Courses

If you can play a few simple polkas and jigs this would be a good course for you.

We’ll be teaching you new tunes and simple ornamentation and we’ll show you how to get the most out of your practice time. There’ll be lots of listening and mimicry and so-called ‘mistakes’ will be actively welcomed. Some time will be spent on technique too, to find the easiest way to get the sound that you want. Great emphasis is given to steady, relaxed, rhythmical playing and all tunes taught by ear are recorded.


Our aim is to help you develop your own sound within the vernacular. This will involve lots of listening to different regional styles, recordings of old masters and local players.

We’ll also make sure you’re familiar enough with session etiquette to make those comfortably accessible when you’re ready.


We’ll give you a list of recommended CD’s and the names of a few good books for you to follow up whatever bits of the course you’d like to know more about – The history of Irish music, violin techniques, Alexander Technique and Zen. We’ll give you some useful web site addresses too – interactive chat rooms/interactive fiddle tuition, plus details of some computer software that helps you learn new tunes at whatever speed suites you. Some of these you’ll be able to get in Kenmare, the rest can be ordered off the ‘interweb’


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